Day 1 – Here we go!

What is this?


“Digital Identity – Internet Fingerprint”

So, to be honest, I am here in this course, because we needed to fill 5 days and I didn’t want to spend any money on ‘Semana I’. And having those conditions given, it was the only option for me. But I am happy to learn new stuff and especially when it comes to the world wide web, you can always learn something new.

Until now, I encountered Ken Bauer, the lecturer who is going to lead us through this week. He seems so be a fun guy and he is really full of energy. He makes me listen even though that I am really tired as a result of a very short night (I got the flu, cold… Makes it hard to sleep longer than an hour). Ken appears to be a cautious Internet enthusiast. He kind of reminds me of a professor of my home university who is also into social media and the whole Internet-thing.

Before I am going to talk about the first day, I am quickly going to state my expectations towards the course. Before reading anything else but the description on the ‘Semana I’ webpage, I thought that we are going to get taught how to use and handle our private information in the internet. Starting with what are cookies and what is Facebook doing with our data? And going a step further, how to prevent others from abusing my information.

So far, it turns out to be kind of this course that I was thinking of at the beginning. We already had our first guest lecture talking, Dave Cormier, a professor  from Charlottetown, PE, Canada. He was telling us about the traces that we leave behind while browsing the internet and during that time, students were able to ask him random questions.

If you want to check it out – here is the link: Dave Cormiers’ speech about the ‘Internet Fingerprint’

After the break, we continued with creating the blog that I am currently writing in.

Random thoughts!

What is everyone doing during the course? Ken keeps talking, giving advises or explaining how to do stuff – btw. he likes to use the word “stuff” – and he keeps running around (As mentioned before, he is full of energy). One student managed to fall asleep during the course, from what I was able to see, and that was rather impressing considering how much energy is in this room (Yes, Ken seems to never stop).

At this point, after mentioning several times how much energy is coming from that one individual, I can not stop thinking about another Ken, who was always full of energy….

Ken – full of energy (Street fighter)
Ken – full of energy (our lecturer)


Can you spot a difference?






All credits and rights for the used picture belong => Noupe Editorial Team



Other students are hanging around in Facebook, working on their blogs or playing games.

Ken needs a break, or at least he is “taking” a break, by showing us a Ted Talk of Alec Couros:”Identity in a digital world”. He is talking just as fast as Ken (Another guy, with a lot of energy). Alec is making it really clear how early the digital footprint starts and that most of our children will probably have a digital footprint before they are even going to use devices such as a mobile phone. Furthermore he is pointing out how dangerous the footprint is and that a lot of children are getting bullied in the internet everyday.

Today in a nutshell!

For not picking that course on “purpose”, I am positively surprised. Even though that I am afraid that Ken is too enthusiastic (huge workload + lots of activities), I think it will be a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next day!

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