Day 2 – Who is still with us?

What’s up next?

My day started off just as nice (careful, irony in use) as yesterday. Another night with almost no sleep and therefore I am not really in the mood for anything right now. The flu/cold mixture is still hanging around and that makes me a big, useless meat-cluster.

The program for today is a little “Photo Safari” and some more guest speakers. Laura Gogia, Lee Skallerup Bessette,  Alan Levine and Amy Burvall are going to talk to us and right now I think it is going to be something connected with the “digital identity” everyone around me is talking about… What do you think?

If you are keen to read more about the guest speakers just check out the following links!

Laura Gogia: “Why Personalising Your Blog Matters” + “Why Embed Images & Videos”


Lee Skallerup Bessette: “Digital Studies 101” +  “Amalia Ulman Instagram Artist (from Elle)”


Alan Levine: “We, Our Digital Selves, and Us” + “Is it a lie?”


Amy Burvall: “Just Make Stuff” + “Stories Of Connection”


So, the Photo-Safari kind of reminded me of my time in the kindergarten (sorry Ken!). We were supposed to cut out words from magazines and then take pictures with those words (e.g. “Tree”) in front of the actual thing (a tree..). We had some time outside and the fresh air was actually giving me back some energy (yey, back at 5%!) and therefore I was not too disappointed by the whole activity.

After our break we were honoured by the presence of Lee and Laura and afterwards of Alan and Amy. These guys really know their stuff well and talked us through a lot of knowledge and their own experiences. From time to time it was hard to keep up with them but it was definitely worth listening!

Session 1, first guest speakers, Lee and Laura: Laura + Lee

Session 2, second guest speakers, Alan and Amy: Alan + Amy

I feel like going through a low right now. My head is giving me a good time again (headache) and my nose does not stop to run. Guess there is not much more coming out of my head as of today and that is why I am going to stop this blog for today.

Hope to see you guys joining Us, me and all the great, upcoming speakers tomorrow!




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