Day 3 -Bring it on!

Late Start! :/


The flu is killing me. Another day, another night with just a few hours of sleep. Today, I did not even make it on time… After some talking and a Youtube-Video we more or less directly jumped to our first guest speaker for today. Autumm Caines, Bonnie Stewart and Sundi Richard joined us via a live stream.

If you like to check out any of them on twitter don’t hesitate and simply click their names down here:

Autumm CainesBonnie StewartSundi Richard!

You might also want to check out the following hashtags on twitter => #vandr + #iTecGDA

Twitter – iTecGDA

Bonnie Stewart started the talk with showing us some slides on Powerpoint. The very first slide was a picture of her living room. By showing us the room, she wants to give us the feeling that there is something more than just that “face” on the screen – making all of this more comfortable.

‘You never remember what you did 20 years ago, but you will remember WHO was with you and you made your times and experiences “good times” and “good experiences” or the opposite.’ – That is was Bonnie is more or less letting me know right now.

Sundi and Autumm were using a diagram with 4 axes to categorise different platforms. The different axes were “Personal” vs “Professional” and “Visitor” vs “Resident”. I will provide some examples down here.

Todays Activity!

Ken asked us to do an audio interview with a person we do not know yet. The official lecture for today is over and therefore I am going to try and find someone on the campus I who would like to do that audio interview with.

Lecture is over!



I found a guy on campus from France and he was kind enough to do the interview with me. Sadly, he did not want me to upload the audio but he allowed me to write down what we have talked about.

The Interview with Mr. France!

We were basically just holding a smalltalk in which I was asking a lot of questions concerning his heritage, choice of studies and his hobbies. He told me, that he is from Lyon and that he is 21 years old. He is studying business administrations and will stay here in Guadalajara until December. When we came to the hobbies and food topic he started to grin a little. Especially while talking about food he seemed to be filled with different feelings. On the one hand, he said that he liked the food over here, but on the other hand he is really missing the food back home. Hobbies included pretty much everything that you can do outdoors. From hiking, over riding his mountain bike through some hills to simply going jogging or taking a walk.

That is it for today! If you are keen to know what is going to expect us tomorrow, come back tomorrow! *gg*



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