Day 4 – Time is flying

Another update on my well-being?

Yes… I am still sick. BUT(!), it is getting better. The day started not as bad as the last 3 days and I feel like it is getting better. Still got a running nose but that is more or less it. Making progress! WUHU! I know what you are thinking right now…


But no, that is it for my complaints today! No more talking about my flu. schhh!

So what is on our schedule for today?

Starting of with checking out some of the workers of the boys and girls sitting around me during this week. I have seen quite a few really good ones and I am currently following one blog. Yeah, it is the blog of a friend of mine, but.. you know? I am just picky and can not decide whom to follow. Anyways, left a comment here and there – let us move on!

Learn new stuff – every day!

So, apparently Lee Skallerup has an amazing collection of very useful recourses and tools on her blog => Click me!

There is quite a lot stuff that you can learn, “copy” and simply start using on your blog. How do networks work? What is trolling and how to avoid trolling? But do we actually want to avoid trolling? (Thought of the day) Orrrrr Algorithms? I know… You don not want to encounter the last topic – but let me tell you, that is the real sh*t.

Photo-Safari? Whaaaat?

Another day, another photo-safari! This time – What do we like the most? What do we like to do in our free time? Not sure whether I am going to cook today, but if I am going to you will get a picture of that in here! I might add it later during the week though…

Guest Speaker Time!

And nooooow, talking to us from a country which is located more than 12,486 kilometres away from Mexico (Thanks technology!!!)…. Maaahaaaa Baaaaaliiiiii! (Did you read that with the voice of that guy calling out the two opponents at a boxing match?)

Maha Bali!!! Go check her out. No, honestly, click on that link. Now.

Got curious while checking out her twitter? Wait, you telling me that you still have not been to her twitter? Go there. Maha Bali!

Guess you are curious about her now… So here are some more readings:

Critical Digital Citizenship: Promoting Empathy and Social Justice Online


Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both

Thirsty for more? I know… But that is it for today! So come back tomorrow and get the last post about semana I 2016!

Cheers everybody 🙂

All those memes… When will he stop? 😡

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