Day 5 -Already over?! :(

That is it.

The last day just started and I feel like we just “began”. After finally getting into the topic it seems to be over. Which of course does not mean that my “digital identity”-journey will end here. But… But, that will mean, no more overloaded Ken jumping around…

We started the day a little bit later than usual and watched a video of Derek Muller. If you do not now his name and never heard of “Veritasium” you should really check out his Youtube-channel. This guy rocks and you will learn something new in every video of him – not as back in the days, when you were young. School teachers probably made it every 2-3 weeks that you learned something new IN school and that you did not have to repeat it a thousand times at home until you knew all about it.

After that, Diego Zavala took over the lecture. Diego works in the video production specialised in the documentary video production.

How do we tell a “story” in a video? Empowering?

There are different ways, obviously, and it is hard to say which way is the best way. After watching many videos and getting a lot of advises, we were assigned a task in which we had do make a 1-minute video about the stuff that we like to do (Photo/video-safari).

I did not make it in time and therefore I am not able to upload it yet!

Did someone say guest speaker?

Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard joined in today and talked about digital identity shaping and again we heard some more stuff about blogging.

Here are some links if you like to further investigate:

Rebecca: (Student) Blogging and the Fact of Other People

Helen:  My RenovationsMapping Digital Literacy and Practice (pdf)

It was really fun to listen to those two women and we had some awesome questions for them!


This week comes to en end, but hopefully not everyone is going to stop blogging. I think it is a really cool way to spread the word and establish some sort of reputation in the internet. Not sure whether I will continue this blog here, but I might start another blog in the future! Anyways, thanks to Ken, the lecture that seems to never loose his energy and motivation and of course thanks to all the guest speakers that we had during “Semana I”

Hope to see you guys around, cheers!



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